Marine Eco-engineering Research Unit team


PhD students

  • Miss Charley Clubley (2020-2024), University of Plymouth. “Testing Environment Filters as Mechanisms of Ecosystem Resilience to Non-Native Species Invasion”. Dr Antony Knights (DoS) with Dr Louise Firth, Professor David Bilton, Tiago Silva and (Cefas) Louisa Wood (University of Portsmouth). Funded by the University of Plymouth.
  • Mr Franz Bauer (2022-2026), University of Plymouth. “Retrospective optimisation of multifunctionality on coastal urban infrastructure”. Louise Firth (DoS), Antony Knights, Andy foggo, Mick Hanley, and John Griffin (Swansea University). 

  • Dr Rebecca Morris (2014–2016), School of Biological Sciences, University of Sydney. "Retrofitting biodiversity: Ecological engineering for management of urbanised systems". Ross Coleman (DoS), Gee Chapman and Louise Firth (co-supervisors)
  • Dr Ally Evans (2013–2015), Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences, Aberystwyth University. "Artificial coastal defence structures as surrogate habitats for natural rocky shores". Pippa Moore (DoS), Louise Firth, Steve Hawkins, Liz Morris and Harry Goudge (co-supervisors).
  • Ms Kathryn O’Shaughnessy (2016–2019), Funding University of Plymouth, “Green engineering of coastal infrastructure: a design for life”. Louise Firth (DoS) with Richard Thompson, Mick Hanley, Paul Lunt (University of Plymouth) and Steve Hawkins (Marine Biological Association).