'Botany Cards, n.d., probably used for plant identification, from the
Austrian National Photography Archive, Vienna’. Photo-documentation, Liz Wells,
8 April 2019

Sustainable Earth Institute funding has enabled research into publications on photography and botany, historically and now, and identified key archives where photographs and associated written materials are held. 

This has contributed further information to support a proposal for a book with work by photographers exploring botanical, environmental and sustainability issues, that will be linked with the forthcoming exhibition, Seedscapes: Future-proofing Nature, that will open at Impressions Gallery, Bradford, in April 2020, and then tour within the UK for up to 3 years.

The publication supporting the tour will include: portfolios of work by the five artist-photographers included in the Seedscapes exhibition, plus additional photographic materials; three essays on photo-aesthetics, botany and sustainable futures; and historical images and documents relating to photography and botany.

Hand cupping seeds in a garden
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green shoots
Skardon Garden plants

Impressions Gallery

Impressions Gallery is a charity that helps people to understand the world through photography. Founded in 1972, it was one of the first specialist photography galleries in the UK, and continues to support artists who challenge and change photography to this day. 

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Creative Associates

The Sustainable Earth Institute's Creative Associates projects aim to explore novel and innovative ways of communicating research and develop a portfolio of case studies of the different creative approaches possible.

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Patient at Krygyz Research Institute of Balneology and
Recovery Treatment. Interestingly, it doesn’t take much to move people from the
formal expressions in portraits into a much warmer mood. Image: Carey Marks

Image: Carey Marks/Creative Associates

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