Marketplace presentations at Sustainable Earth 2016

Sustainable Earth 2017: A global forum for connecting research with action

Thursday 29 and Friday 30 June 2017, Rolle Marquee, University of Plymouth

Overall aims for the event

  • To increase connections; within research disciplines, different Universities and also external stakeholders
  • To develop a forum that builds a global reputation
  • To be an informal, fun event that people want to attend next year!

Background: event set up and overview

  • The event is to be held in the Marquee in front of the Rolle Building, University of Plymouth
  • The event will be set up in a cabaret style with approx. 20–25 tables of ten chairs
  • Approximate numbers anticipated: this is difficult to predict but we are hoping for 200–250.

Marketplace breakout session

The marketplace breakout session will take place within the marquee.
Ten tables will be clearly identified (A-J) and the papers will be presented at these tables. We are anticipating attendees wondering between the tables (a bit like a marketplace!). We encourage presenters to use alternative forms of presentation, as well as or instead of PowerPoint, e.g. posters, games, discussions, artwork, artefacts, demonstrations. Please note that PowerPoint will be fine, we are just encouraging alternative forms of presentation. For example last year we had demonstrations of catchment management using water, round table discussions, poster boards, and PowerPoint presentations.
Sustainable Earth 2016

We will have approx. five mins at the start to set up and then approx. 40 minutes for the breakout session. We anticipate having two papers per table in the one and a half hour session.

We are anticipating that the marketplace breakout session is going to be a fun, loud, energetic and innovative session and so please use your imagination to make it different and engaging!