Our Data Science and Statistics Projects

Data Science and Statistics

Lauren Ansell

Lauren’s background is in the field of mathematical sciences and she has skills in data analysis, and communicating maths and statistics.

Find out more about the projects she is supporting below. 

Harrier LLC

Harrier LLC have been printing photos at their site in Newton Abbot for over 40 years. 

In that time technology has seen a transition from 110 film through 35mm to the mass market digitised photos of today. The business has expanded rapidly in the last 3 years and diversified into the wider high volume personalised photographic product and short run digital printing markets.

The Impact Lab project investigated their data to enable comparative volume forecasts. Until recently, the company have used simple year on year, times-series based comparative volume forecasts, to create a daily forecasts. Impact Lab investigated other external sources that significantly influence sales, using this information to create accurate and meaningful predictive models.

Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind is a company with a mission to help organisations discover, understand and improve people’s thoughts and feelings. 

Their passion is educating and empowering individuals to enjoy higher levels of mental wellbeing. They aim to facilitate effective support in key ways, by using technology to ensure their resources are accessible 24/7. They employ a practical, no nonsense, approach; their coaching system ensures good mental wellbeing is easily understood and more achievable. Their unique approach ensures that the specialist resources delivered to organisations and individuals provide excellent value. 

Monkey Mind worked with Impact Lab to individually tailor the tips sent to the users of the well-being questionnaire, based on their individual results. The project involves the use of technology to identify where the responses are lowest, so that appropriate individualised tips can be retrieved from their database.

Software Solved

Software Solved is a data and software specialist operating across a variety of sectors including insurance, retail and logistics. Working with clients, they help unlock and harness data to build unique solutions to solve business problems and create a competitive advantage.

In early 2019, Software Solved embarked on a machine learning project with Innovate UK that is focused on Insurance risk prediction and is being delivered in association with the University of Plymouth. Open source data sets are an important part of this and, working with Impact Lab and project partner Exeter City Futures, valuable data sources were identified covering a range of situations such as natural disasters, crime data and location-specific information which has helped accelerate the project.

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

The University of Plymouth is proud to be supported by the European Regional Development Fund. As one stream of funding under the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) Growth Programme 2014–2020, the ERDF focuses on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The main priorities involve contributions to research and innovation, supporting and promoting small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), and the creation of a low carbon economy.