Student engagement

Global Health Collaborative

Student volunteers join TeamTalk

Plymouth student Jonathan Murphy joined a small team of medical students that took part in an eight day trip to Kenya, working on Future Health Africa’s inspiring TeamTalk project that uses sport to help improve self esteem, education and gender equality in regions which face social, economic and health challenges. 
“It is not every day at medical school that you get to sit in the shadow of Mount Kenya under the outstretched branches of an Acacia tree with a class of Maasai school boys, surrounded by the natural beauty of a wildlife conservancy.”
Ready for Lepurua vs Borona tag rugby. The smiles of those children reflected our own, you could see their real pride in their performance.

Paramedic students to contribute to health projects in Nepal

Students from the BSc Paramedic Science programme are taking advantage of travel grants awarded to the university by the Turing Foundation, to attend extra-curricular practice placements in Nepal. 
The Turing grants look to prioritise students from disadvantaged backgrounds and in 2023 five students will be the first from the paramedic course to experience placements in a low-income country setting. The placements have been set up by the GHC, staff on the BSc Paramedic Science programme and Mountain Heart Nepal (MHN), a Nepal based NGO. As well as getting to experience life as a paramedic in Kathmandu, students will be involved in knowledge-sharing seminars at a rural hospital and are looking to provide basic first-aid training programmes to remote and rural communities.  
Over the coming years it is hoped these placement opportunities will see students from across the Faculty working in rural hospitals and remote health clinics. It is also hoped that health workers from rural communities will benefit from the links made with the university through the development of focused training courses.