Dr Lucy Obolensky

Dr Lucy Obolensky is co-founder of of the Global Health Collaborative, programme lead for MSc Global Health, an expedition medic, locum GP and Emergency Department doctor. 

Lucy’s passion lies in developing health care partnerships and initiating primary and public healthcare programmes in remote areas. She's co-founder of Future Health Africa, a UK-based charity which strives for sustainable improvement in the health and wellbeing of people in low-middle-income countries (LMICs), and advocates for global health education throughout all undergraduate and postgraduate training.


The driver behind establishing the Global Health Collaborative

“A great number of us have been taking our skills and expertise overseas for many years, and it is exciting to be able to bring all that knowledge into one umbrella group so that we can contribute still further to health around the world. It is not just about help and support to people in some of the poorest parts of the world – there are benefits too for the UK, not just in providing our healthcare professionals and students with valuable and life-changing opportunities, but also because what we learn overseas can be translated back into improving our practice within the NHS.”

“We know that there are hundreds of medically-trained professionals out there who may be thinking about taking time out to work overseas, and the training is available for them to hone their skill set to suit the clinical, physical and cultural challenges they may face. For me, the opportunity to make a real difference to communities in Kenya over years of visits has been humbling and an honour. I first visited those communities as a newly-qualified doctor and since then I have visited on a regular basis, even taking my children as the years have gone by.

My family and I are now a part of that community and words cannot describe how special and life-affirming that is."

"My advice to any doctor looking to make a contribution overseas is to go for it – it makes such a difference to the communities we work with, ourselves as professionals and, indeed, our patients back here in the UK."

MSc Global Health

Are you interested in global health, and in expedition and exploration medicine? 

Our masters programme will empower you to confidently meet the challenges of working in complex and unpredictable situations; overseas, on expedition, in low resource settings or within your UK practice. Following comprehensive preparatory modules we provide you with the unique opportunity to undertake a placement in a global or remote environment as part of your immersive learning experience. Discover, discuss and debate with our expert faculty.

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Dr Lucy Obolensky in Africa
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Dr Lucy Obolensky in Africa