Sembrando Juntos preschool programme, Lima.

Sembrando Juntos preschool programme, Lima.

In line with the sentiment of the adage “teach a man to fish…” Global Health Collaborative projects are designed with the aim to create sustainability, giving local people the ownership, knowledge and power to progress.

Sembrando Juntos

Established in 1985 with Westnell Nursery Society in the UK, Sembrando Juntos is a programme in Lima which offers community development through a child-centred preschool education model and provides employment and training to young women from the shanty town communities in which it works. 

Its mission is to ‘generate the commitment of stakeholders through a multi-sector oriented work with two common goals: to promote early childhood education for children from 0 to 5 years living in vulnerable areas of the country using a sustainable model of intervention and to encourage active community participation in this process’. 

In the communities in which it works 1 in 100 children under 5 access preschool education and there is a 30% rate of school absence. Many children are malnourished. A number of the original children have grown up, received training and are now part of the Sembrando Juntos family across Peru.

Global Recognition and Assessment of the Sick Patient and Initial Treatment (GRASPIT)

GRASPIT, based in Kenya, has been designed to give clinicians a structured systematic approach to the management of acutely ill deteriorating patients. Key to the project is ‘training the trainers’, ensuring the knowledge, skills and expertise continue to spread among the local healthcare community.