Matthew Halkes

Consultant Anaesthetist, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust & Clinical Director of Health and Care Innovations (HCI)

I act as the Future Health Africa charity UK lead for the GRASPIT (Global Recognition and Assessment of the Sick Patient and Initial Treatment) course. Co-developed with UK and Kenyan colleagues, this is a one day multi-disciplinary course suitable for staff of all levels of experience working in any setting. It has had proven impact in increasing their confidence on recognising and managing acutely sick patients, both adults and children. Over the past 11 years over 120 faculty and over 2000 health care workers have been trained.
I have successfully led the acquisition and delivery of two THET Health Partnership Scheme DfID grants. The current strategic focus of the GRASPIT project is to develop a national dissemination programme in Kenya.
I work at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust as a consultant anaesthetist with an interest in peri-operative medicine. I also have a keen interest in innovation management and digital healthcare and have leadership roles in these areas for the Trust. Recently I became co-lead of the International Society of Professional Innovation Management Health and Innovation special interest group.