Ben Holroyd

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

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My involvement with the Kenya Orthopaedic Project goes back to 2011 when I was able to finally find the time that fitted with work and home life to go with the project to Mombasa. I'm an orthopaedic surgeon from Plymouth, whose main interest is paediatric orthopaedic surgery. 

Over the last six years I've been back to Kenya a further five times. We've now seen and treated hundreds of children with common fractures that we manage routinely in the UK but also extremely complex problems that are increasingly rare in the developed world but unfortunately still very common in developing countries.

I'm constantly questioning my own role as a surgeon and our role as a charity in relation to Global Health problems, and have reached the conclusion that although what we do merely scratches the surface, we have an obligation to start somewhere. I expect to involved for many years to come, and would encourage you to get involved with our project or any others, in whatever you can.