EPIC for health and care professionals

Health and care professionals are very important to the development of an eHealth ecosystem, particularly as the knowledge of delivering care is crucial to co-design and implementation of new innovations with the end-user.

In the first phase of EPIC, our team conducted workshops with a range of stakeholders across Cornwall and the isles of Scilly collating the real-world problems and potential solutions in these areas. 

This spanned a wide range of areas within health, care and wellbeing; with 187 separate items being identified. 

Our team is keen to continue research from EPIC phase 1, such as solutions to address rurality, how to make technology for health accessible to all, and using smart speaker technology with older people in residential care, but in addition in EPIC phase 2, we will now explore the evaluation of implemented eHealth solutions, patient empowerment and how to include digital health within education.

We would love your support with the project, and are keen to hear any new ideas that you may have. 

You can link with us to learn more about eHealth, and get involved with our work in a number of ways:

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