Diversity. Illustration showing 15 heads all different colours, printed on different coloured square backgrounds.
Jack Smith, a BA Education student graduate, has been working with The Bridge to inform a Knowledge Exchange Toolbox for students and staff as part of the Engaging Students in Knowledge Exchange project. 
Katie Stote, project officer, created a video interview with Jack to contribute to the ‘Becoming an ally and promoting diversity’ pathway on the Universities’ My Career website. This pathway helps to develop an understanding of diversity and work towards becoming an ally both in and out of the workplace. Jack’s interviews formed part of two case study videos highlighting the power of accessibility and inclusion. 
Jack, a neurodiverse student with aspergers’, wanted to use his dissertation as a platform to highlight his experience of higher education. Jack produced a first-class dissertation project titled:
“Neurotypical or Stereotypical? Bridging the Gap Between University Students Knowledge and Attitudes Surrounding Autism and Autism Awareness in Higher Education.”
What is student knowledge exchange? Watch our explainer video to find out more.

Jack’s research highlights neurodiversity and different perceptions of autism in higher education. His work with The Bridge built on his passion and interests to contribute towards two Knowledge Exchange toolboxes for University of Plymouth students and staff. Watch the videos below to hear Jack's insights, experiences of education, guidance and advice for promoting diversity and inclusion.

Knowledge Exchange Toolbox

The Knowledge Exchange Toolbox is a suite of e-learning resources hosted on The University of Plymouth's MyCareer platform. Made up of 10 "pathways", the resources have been carefully collated and created with students and specialists to support students before, during and after their engagement in knowledge exchange activity. Access the pathways here.

Knowledge exchange - video