Baseline morphology and bathymetry

Wave Hub Impacts on Seabed & Shoreline Processes (WHISSP)

In order to determine whether the attenuation effects of Wave Hub result in any seabed or shoreline changes, background monitoring will be carried out for the 12 month period prior to the installation of the hub. Without this period of background monitoring, it would be impossible to determine whether any changes that occurred after the hub installation were actually caused by the hub, or whether they were just the result of natural variations in nearshore sedimentation processes.

Monthly spring low tide topographic surveys conducted at Perranporth, Chapel Porth, Porthtowan and Gwithian using Real Time Kinematic-GPS will provide this background data.

<p>Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of Chapel Porth beach for Feb-2008<br></p>

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of Chapel Porth beach for Feb-2008