David Fitzgerald and Angela Rippon at Dementia Friendly conference
Experts in dementia care from the UK and Europe were brought together for a conference at the University of Plymouth on Friday 23 June.
Chaired by David Fitzgerald from the BBC and Angela Rippon CBE, the aim was to share international, national, and regional thoughts on dementia care and research which have the potential to open up new ways of developing fresh perspectives and groundbreaking solutions that help overcome the challenges faced by people with dementia and carers every day.
The agenda included speakers from the World Health Organization, Alzheimer’s Europe, Dementia in the Fishing Communities, Blind Veterans UK and USA, and the United Kingdom Dementia Research Institute.
Among the highlights of the day was a presentation on ‘Dementia Support in the Russia–Ukraine War’, with Irina Shevchenko, founder and director of the Nezabutni Charitable Foundation in Kyiv.
Ian Sherriff BEM, Academic Partnership Lead for Dementia at the University of Plymouth’s Peninsula Medical School, said:
“In a world that’s sometimes seen as lacking cooperation and enthusiasm, we have definitely seen those in evidence here at the University, today. People from around the UK and beyond – notably our distinguished guests from Geneva and Kyiv – have represented all of the various aspects of health and social care expertise and provision, from the public sector to the private and voluntary sectors. We have shared ideas and knowledge on how we can all work together to further the cause of people living with dementia and their carers. There’s a famous quote that says when you get a group of committed, dedicated people together you can change the world and that’s what we’ve done today.”

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