Mr Ian Sherriff BEM

Mr Ian Sherriff BEM

Academic Partnership Lead for Dementia

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)

Mr Ian Sherriff BEM can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Dementia
  • Dementia research


Academic Partnership Lead for Dementia Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry University of Plymouth 



Professional membership

Ambassador of the Alzheimer's Society Nationally on going
Member of the Prime Ministers Dementia Champion group ongoing
Chair of the Prime Ministers Rural Dementia Friendly Task and Finish group ongoing

Chair of the PM's dementia air-transport group ongoing
Chair of the national poetry project.
Trustee of National Blind Veterans UK board ongoing
Chair of a Global dementia group 
Chair of the Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance 2011-2023
Trustee Blind Veterans UK on going
Trustee of BRAVO VICTOR U.S.A. ongoing
Active Member of the British Standards Institute on going
Active member of International Standards Institute ongoing.
Trustee of Bravo Victor B.V.U.K research group on going
Chair of the Ukrainian Dementia project ongoing

Roles on external bodies


·       Chair of the Academic Dementia Global Group 

·       Ambassador of the Alzheimer's ongoing

     Member of the Prime Ministers Dementia Champion group 2012-2023

·       Chair of the Prime Ministers Rural Dementia Friendly Task and Finish group ongoing 

·       Chair of Dementia in Maritime Organization's, 2017,2018, 2019

·       Chair of the PM's dementia air-transport group ongoing

·       Member of the National health and Care Professions:-ongoing

·       Chair and member of the national poetry project 

     Trustee of Blind Veterans UK ongoing 

·    Trustee of Blind Veterans Research Group ongoing

     Trustee of Bravo Victor U.S.A research group ongoing

     Active member of the British Standards institute ongoing

     Active member of the International Standards Organization ongoing 

·       Lifetime President of Saltash United J.F.C.:- ongoing

·       National Scam Ambassador: - ongoing.

     Chair of the Ukrainian Dementia project ongoing

·       Chair and Founder of Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance ongoing

·       Founder and ambassador of Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm, (ongoing).



Teaching interests

Teaching commitmentsat University of Plymouth 2015/16/17/18 ongoing 




Nurses returning 





·       Healthand Social Care Nurse Dementia teaching (Dementia) 2013/2014/2015/201617/18/19/20

·       Paramedicsteaching (Dementia) Awareness of dementia 2013/14/15/16/17/18/19/20

·       Schools2014/15/16/17/18/19

·       Schoolof Dentistry Students 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020

·       PlymouthUniversity Staff Dementia awareness 2014/15/16/17/18/19/20

·       StudentMidwifes lectures (Dementia) 2015/16/17/18/19/20

·       Nursesreturning to work 2014/2015/2016/17/18/19/20

·       TeachingChinese nursing students 2016/17/18/19/2020

·       Plymouthcity staff and Plymouth city retail staff 2015/16/17/18 

·       GatwickAirport Staff 2017/2018

·       ExeterAirport Staff 2017/2018

·       Communityfarming network staff 2016/17

·       R.A.B.IStaff Training 2016/17

·       N.F.U,2016

·       NavalBase Devonport, Plymouth Hospitals 2014

·       OralHealth practitioners,

·       DevonParish Councils 2014/15

·       NavalBase Devonport, 2016

·       PlymouthHospitals 2014/2015/

·       PlymouthCity Council 2015



Research interests

Social/Health/Community factors of Dementia. Carers and Caring for individuals with dementia, Private and Voluntary sector service provision. Social return on investment. Urban and Rural dementia friendly comunities

Other research


Social/Health/Communityfactors of Dementia. Carers and Caring for individuals with dementia, Privateand Voluntary sector service provision. “Social return on investment”,International, National, Regional and Local Urban and Rural Dementia Friendly Communities

UoPResearch group membership: 


Research degrees awarded to supervised students

National Awards:-

  1. · Queens Birthday Honors list 2019. B.E.M.
  2.  National Dementia Friendly City award 2016/2017.
  3. · Medical Journal National Dementia team of the year.
  4. · Plymouth University Ambassador award 2014.

PhD Supervisor.

·       Dementia and Air travel 2017/208/2019/2020

Grants & contracts

Ian's research grants 2010/2018 on-wards

 ·       Dementia Person Aligned Care Team (D-PACT). Funders: NIHR PGFAR, November 2018 - October 2023, awarded £2,744,820.00.

·       Ian and a team from the Plymouth have signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Health Bureau of the Government of Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.(waiting for funding)

·       Investigating the maintenance of inclusivity for individuals with Dementia and their carers in life activities. Funders: OCS Family Foundation December 2017- June 2019(Co-Investigator, awarded £15,000.00.

·       International Dementia Training Hub University of Plymouth, City College Plymouth and University of Huzhou China. Funders: British Council February 2016 - November 2018 (Co-Academic, awarded £80,000.00) co-Investigator.

·       Dementia at Sea: a prevalence study in the United Kingdom 2018. R.C. church £40,000(Co-Academic)

·       Ian and the team from Plymouth University have signed a Memorandum of agreement with Kiang Wu Nursing College Macau China to work together to raise the awareness of the concept of a “Dementia Friendly Community in Macau China (waiting funding).Team Leader.

·       Dementia Challenge funding for research awarded 2013/2014 (Co-Academic)

·       Devon County Council research funding awarded 2013/2014 £2,000 (Co-Academic) 

Torbay health research funding awarded 2013 (Co-Academic)Plymouth University (S.E.R.I.O). have been awarded a six year contract to evaluate the Ageing Well Torbay Programme. With a value of approximately £15 million (£6 million of which has been secured from the Big Lottery with a further estimated £9 million in volunteer time and match funding)co-investigator.

·   Plymouth PCT research search funding awarded 2012 P.C.T £2,000 (Co-Academic) Timely diagnosis.’Co-investigator

·       Dementia Quality Mark for Residential care £8,000, Co-investigator.

·   Plymouth City Council research funding awarded 2012 £3000 Plymouth City Council(Co-Academic) Timely diagnosis. Co-investigator.

·       Alzheimer's Society research award awarded 2012 Alzheimer's Society £6,000 (Co-Academic)Timely diagnosis. Co-investigator

·       Vice Chancellors Community aware awarded 2011 Plymouth University £12,000(Co-Academic) Timely Diagnosis

·       Evaluating a dementia learning community: exploratory study and research implication, BMC Health Services. Co-investigator.



Creative practice & artistic projects

·       B.B.C Fly on the wall documentary Air travel for people with dementia and their carers 2018/2019/20

·       Ongoing spokesperson on National, Regional and local TV and Radio on matters relating to dementia.

·       Ongoing press articles on dementia.

·       National Country File programme dementia in Farming 2017/18. 

·       B.B.C film for Dementia Friendly Radio 2018.

·       National poetry programme for people with dementia and their carers, 2015/16/17/18.

·       Vamo’s Dementia Theatre Company 2016/17/18/19/20/21/22/23 



·        Turner, K., Warren, A.,Bannigan, K. and Sherriff, I. (2018) ‘How ‘Dementia Friendly’ is Air Travel?Identifying the barriers and facilitators to flying for people living withDementia’. Poster presented to The Alzheimer’s Society Annual Conference, London,22-23 May.

·        Turner, K., Warren, A.,Bannigan, K. and Sherriff, I. (2018) ‘Rising to the Challenge: How can we makeair travel more accessible for people with dementia across Europe?’Presentation to 28th Alzheimer Europe Conference Making DementiaA European Priority, Barcelona, Spain, 29-31 October.

·        (Published abstract[P13.2] available at:

·        Turner, K., Warren, A.,Bannigan, K. and Sherriff, I. (2018) ‘Creating a 'dementia friendly' flyingguide: learning from lived experience’. Poster presented to UK DementiaCongress, Brighton, 6-8 November.

·        Businessengagement in a civil society: Transitioning towards a dementia-friendlyvisitor economy 2017.

·        Dementia-Friendlyrural communities guide 2018.

·        Evaluating a Dementia Learning Community: exploratorystudy and research implications Rod Sheaff, D.Phil.; Ian Sherriff; CatherineHagan Hennessy, DrPH BMC Health Services Research 2018.

·        “Understanding the Sustainable Skills and KnowledgeRequired by Town and Parish Councils”.




Reports & invited lectures

2023 key note talk to Devon Parish council, Role of Rural parishes and dementia  

2023 Key note talk to Devon wide conservatives group (dementia)

2020/2021/2022 zoom key note talks (zoom and live) during COVID

Alzheimer's Europe International Dementia conference Bucharest 2022 

Dementia Friendly parishes/Ivybridge conference face to face 2022

Somerset dementia conference face to face 2022

Plymouth International Dementia Conference (organizer and speaker) 2021

International Standards dementia conference (zoom) 2021

Dementia Friendly Parishes conference (zoom) 2021

Blind Veterans UK face to face to welsh team 2021

Local Government conference may 2020

Innovinc International Alzheimer's research conference key note speaker July 2019

Devon Carers key note July 2019

North Devon dementia conference key note speaker and chair July 2019.

National air transport Expo hidden disabilities conference London June 2019

Japan national dementia conference Key note speaker and chair global live link May 2019 

Cumbria dementia conference key note speaker April 2019

Vamos dementia conference Worchester key note speaker speaker February 2019

China health Conference London key note 2019    

Alzheimer's conference London key note speaker February 2019

 Keynote National Union of Farmers Rural conference January 2019

·       Keynote Paramedics national conference June 2019

·       Keynote and organiser Plymouth International Dementia Conference key note andorganiser 2011/2012/2013/14/15/16/17/18/19.

·       Keynotespeaker and poster presentation at the European Alzheimer’s Society conference BarcelonaOctober 2018 (Dementia Air travel and Rural Dementia).

·       KeyNote Speaker at Living Well with Dementia Conference November 2018.

·       LiveRadio Broadcasts January/February/March 2012/2018 on going.

·       Keynotespeaker Cardiff Rotary 40th Birthday Dinner October 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker for Rivers Conference February 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at Alzheimer's Society Dorset Conference July 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at the 3rd British-Irish Airports EXPO June 2018. 

·       KeyNote Speaker for OSAKA Japan February 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at South Devon College March 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at Alzheimer's Society Newbury Conference July 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at Bridgewater Dementia Conference May 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at Paramedics Conference in Nottingham August 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at North Devon Parishes September 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at Newbury Dementia Conference September 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at Rotary Club of Wales October 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at Dental Conference October 2018.

·       Presenterat Barcelona Alzheimer's Conference October 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at Rural Dementia Conference November 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at Devon County Show Launch of Dementia-friendly rural communitiesGuide 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker 2nd Japan Conference February 2018.

·       KeyNote Speaker at Alzheimer's Society Dorset Conference July 2018.

·       Keynoteand compare Oxford Christmas Carol service 9th-11th December 2017 Oxford ChristChurch. 

·       Keynoteat Durham dementia awareness day 30th March 2017.

·       Keynoteat Nottingham dementia awareness day 28th March 2017.

·       LiveRadio and TV at the conference 24th March 2017.

·       Keynotespeaker at South West Dental conference 21st June 2017 Taunton.

·       KeyNote speaker Dementia conference 19th September 2017 Dorchester.

·       Keyaddress at the Argyle board group 18th of March 2017.

·       SouthWest Dementia group Taunton Rugby club 17th January 2017.

·       Keynotespeaker Biomedical conference 13thJune 2017 Plymouth University.

·       Keynotespeaker Dental conference September 4th 2017 Cornwall.

·       Exeterdementia conference 2016.

·       B.S.Gnational Dementia conference 2015 keynote speaker/

·       Keynotespeaker at Scams and Dementia conference 18th September 2017 Plymouth Guildhall.

·       Keynoteat Weston- Super- Mare dementia conference 5th April 2017

·       VirginAir the base Crawly dementia friendly airlines 19th of January 2017

·       Keynotespeaker Osaka Japan national dementia conference 19th February 2017

·       Keynotespeaker Tokyo Japan national dementia conference 18th February 2017.

·       Keynotespeaker at the Bridgewater dementia conference 15th May 2017.

·       Keynotespeaker Rotary International Dementia conference 14th October 2017Plymouth. 

·       KeyNote speaker “Churches together dementia conference” 11th May 2017.

·       Panelmember for PM’s National Youth and Dementia conference 11th and 12th September2017 London.

·       Keynotespeaker Somerset C.C.G Dementia conference Yeovil 8th of September 2017.

·       Keynotespeaker Rural Services Network conference 5th September 2017 Cheltenham.

·       Keynotespeaker at the regional Rotary conference South West 4th March 2017.

·       Keynotespeaker Dementia conference 4th July Exeter.

·       Keynotespeaker East Grinstead dementia awareness day February 14th 2017.

·       Keynote speaker at the National Association of local Councils.26th April 2017Farnborough 

·       AllWales dementia conference keynote speaker 2013/2014/2015.

·       Leadthe Stonehouse first dementia friendly Carol service. December 2016/17

·       LiveBBC Radio stations Reading, Leicester and Devon Q and A live on air.24th ofJanuary 2017.

·       Leada delegation to negotiate with the full board and unions of Royal Mail inbecoming early alertness in Rural communities) Full agreement by board andunions

·       Receivedthe award of National Dementia City of the year from the Lord Mayor of Plymouthat the full council meeting 30th January 2017.

·       Keynote speaker and the assisted technology conference February 8th 2017

·       Keynoteand teaching to delegations from China and Macau from March 6th to March 24th2017/18 in Plymouth. 

·       Keynotespeaker at Newbury racecourse preforming art’s council dementia event 27thApril 2017.

·       Keynotespeaker at South Devon Collage Health and Social care day.4th May 2017.

·       NationalDementia conference London member of a panel. The panel, which was chaired byjournalist and presenter Bill Turnbull, also included Professor Bart DeStrooper (Director of the UK Dementia Research Institute), Professor SirMalcolm Grant (Chairman of NHS England) and myself. 2017

·       Speakerat the National Farming Community Network Harvest thanks giving Hertfordshire24th October 2017.

·       2020National Dementia Conference London 2016 keynote speaker

·       Leadthe Cambridge Carol service. December 2016/

·       Exeterdementia alliance 2015 Keynote speaker

·       BlueBird dementia conference 2015 keynote speaker

·       Cliftondementia conference keynote speaker 2015

·       Cliftondementia conference keynote speaker 2015.

Conferences organised

Keynote and organiser Plymouth International Dementia Conference key note and organiser 2011/2012/2013/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23.

Keynote Speaker and co organiser at Devon County Show Launch of Dementia-friendly rural communities Guide 2018.

Keynote, organiser/compare Oxford Christmas Carol service 9th-11th December 2017 Oxford Christ Church. 

 Live Radio and TV at Plymouth Dementia conference,2016/2017/2018/2019/20/21/22/23.



Other academic activities

Trustee nationally for the Alzheimer's Society 2011,2012,2013,.2014.2015,2016.
Trustee BRAVO VICTOR UK Research Group 2018/19/20/21/222/23

Trustee Blind Veterans UK

Additional information

Ian has had three successful careers.  He spent the first 25 years of his working life keeping aircraft at 30,000 feet as an aircraft engineer with the Fleet Air Arm working all over the world. At the age of 40,Ian made a dramatic change and embarked on a university course to become asocial worker. He joined Devon County Council as a social worker in 1987. He gained his M.A. in Management from the University of Plymouth in 1996.  From 1987 to 2004, Ian worked in Local Government and achieved Senior Manager Status. During his time in Local Government these are some of the programmes and services he has managed they include Social Services District Adult teams responsible for Drugs and Alcohol, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Older People, Sensory and Physical Disability services. Ian project managed a major change management programme for Plymouth City Council and Health’s Learning Disabilities Services, Project managed all Plymouth City Councils Asset Management programme, managed Local Government Re organisation in Devon and managed the Performance and Policy teams in Plymouth City Council. Ian was also the lead officer in a successful Public Service Agreement programme for 12 cross boundary targets bringing together the statutory and third sector in Plymouth to work with Whitehall on achievable outcomes for the people of Plymouth.  He has also been an active member of 17 major Local Government working parties ranging from Child abuse in the Inner City to the role of Performance in local government. He has also acted as a management consultant to other Local Authorities. He has produced 15 research papers - Homelessness of Young People Leaving Care, The Viability of Local Strategic Partnerships and Can Your Rights Survive the Road to Residential Care. From 2007 to 2009 whilst working at the University of Plymouth Ian was an active member of the South West Lifelong Learning Network with a special interest in the Public and Third Sectors. During that time, he was part of a research programme “Understanding the Sustainable Skills and Knowledge Required by Town and Parish Councils”.From 1986 to 1992, Ian founded P.R.A.D (N.G.O) taking aid, equipment and best practice to Eastern Europe. During this period, the group built strong links between Plymouth Hospital Trust and their counterparts in Eastern Europe. The outcome: - Doctors, Nurses and Social Workers could share best practice. With the support of Devon County Council Ian embedded 6 Devon County Social Workers in Romania to work alongside their counterparts for one year. This enabled both countries to learn from each other in the fields of Childcare and Adult care. Ian is a founder member of the Plymouth University Dementia Group. Their research to date includes “Early Diagnosis of Dementia in Plymouth” Dementia Quality Mark for Residential care, Evaluation of day opportunities provided by the Voluntary and Private sector for individuals with dementia and their carers, evaluation of residential care in Torbay 2015 which recently received the British Medical Journal award for Dementia team of “The Year 2015”. He has presented at the Alzheimer’s International Conference 2012/14/,the all Wales Dementia Conference 2014/2015/16, the Prime Ministers Dementia Challenge launch, he also presented at the D.of.H Expo. Ian is a member of the Prime Ministers Dementia Friendly Communities Challenge Group 2015/16/17/18/19/20,his role on this group is chair of the South and South West of England. Ian stepped down as a Trustee after six years on the Board nationally for the Alzheimer’s Society. Ian is now an Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society 2017/18/19/20. Ian was an adviser to Devon County Council for their Center of Excellence approach to dementia care. He is a founder member of the Plymouth Dementia Alliance and Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm. Ian is the chair of the Prime Ministers Task and Finish group for Rural Dementia 2015/2016/17/18/19.20. He also chairs the national Air Transport dementia group 2015/16/17/18/19/20. Ian is the driving force behind the six successful Plymouth International Dementia Conferences. Ian is also the chair of the Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance which won a national award of “Dementia Friendly City of the year 2016/17”. Ian was commissioned by the Drake Foundation to evaluate the ex-military veteran’s memory café in Plymouth. This service is seen as an exemplar in dementia support. Ian is currently working with researchers from the Netherlands and Japan. Ian has just been awarded two-year finance to teach Chinese students both here in the UK and China. Ian and a team from the university have secured six year funding to evaluate living well programme for older people in Torbay. Ian launched the first dementia friendly community in Italy in September 2016.Ian was a keynote speaker at the 2017/2018 Tokyo and Osaka dementia conferences. Ian has a memorandum agreement between Plymouth University and the University of Macau Nursing Faculty March 2017/18/19. Ian and members of the University of Plymouth have signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Health Bureau of the Government of Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Ian and members of the Prime Ministers Rural Dementia Task and Finish group have produced three papers for the House of Lords Rural select committee December 2018: - Radio Me, Dementia Care Farms, Dementia Friendly Parishes. Ian is a member of a small research team from Plymouth University Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry to be award five year funding for a Dementia Person Aligned Care Team (D-PACT)2018/2023 research programme. Ian chaired and gave a key note speech at the Osaka Japan dementia conference 2019 Ian is also in great demand as a keynote speaker at national and International conferences on dementia. Ian was awarded the B.E.M in the Queens birthday honors list in 2019 for his work in the field of dementia. Ian has been elected to the Board of Blind Veterans UK 2019 ongoing  and Bravo Victor 2021 ongoing. Ian is an active member of British Standards Institute 20/21/22/23 and the International Standards Organisation 2021/22/23.