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Students wanting to gain a place at the University of Plymouth this September will be able to begin accessing tailored support from today (Friday 30 June 2017) through the University’s advance clearing registration system.

Hundreds of thousands of young people have just completed their A-levels, and will already be thinking about the next stage of their education.

Although they will not get their results until Thursday 17 August, prospective students can begin to receive a range of support now by registering in advance with the University’s admissions team.

The advance registration offer is part of the University’s ongoing focus to take the stress out of A-level results day, and ensure students are able to make the choice which best suits their aspirations.

This will include individually tailored advice about courses which will be available, including the chance to talk to academics and tutors about the many options available to them depending on their results.

They will receive general advice about the application process and how to go about translating their grades into a university place on results day, especially if they are worried about their results or feel that they may have done better than expected and want to consider their options.

And they will also be eligible for priority treatment on results day itself, including a dedicated hotline number to beat the call centre queues or opting for University staff to call them.

Isobel Rossiter, Head of Student Recruitment and Admissions, said:

“For many students, A-levels are only just finished but it is important to start thinking now about the options that will be available once your results come through. We would encourage any students awaiting their A-level results to register.”

David Alder, Chief Marketing Officer at the University, added:

“The experience of being a student at Plymouth is hugely rewarding – both during their time here and as they then embark upon their chosen career. There are huge opportunities available, not only from an academic perspective but also through extra-curricular and other experiences. Coming to Plymouth will set you on a strong path for the rest of your life and by registering your interest early, you will increase your chances of embracing everything higher education has to offer.”