Illustration by Leighton Noyes

Illustration by Leighton Noyes

A final-year dentistry student from the University of Plymouth has written a book to help make the coronavirus pandemic “less daunting” for children.

Charity Tedder, originally from Kent but currently living in Plymouth, has teamed up with professional illustrator Leighton Noyes to create A Message from Corona. The short story with extensive colourful illustrations was written in just a week, and is now available free.

Charity hopes that by sharing the book far and wide, she can help give children “a little brightness” at a time she feels must be scary and hard to understand for younger people. She has also made sure the story contains clear, easy to understand messages about the importance of following expert guidance to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Charity says she has a knowledge of viruses in the oral cavity and how they affect oral health as a result of five years studying at the University’s Peninsula Dental School. However, the book’s medical credentials have also been endorsed by her father, eminent virologist Professor Richard Tedder.

The story is written from the point of view of “Corona”, a tiny virus that wants to travel the world. As the plot develops, the virus and its brothers and sisters realise that they are making humans ill, and offer a range of information about how the virus is spread, how children can stop it and what they should and should not do.

Charity said:

“This must be such a scary time for children and I think that is made worse by the fact that they probably don’t really understand what is going on. Normally when they’re in the park for example children are in close contact, playing, touching and holding hands, and it must be so hard for them to understand why they can’t do that anymore.

“I hope people enjoy the story and it brings a little brightness to their lives in these challenging times. My aim was to create something a bit less daunting and a bit more exciting than all the advice and news coverage that’s aimed at adults."

Professor Sube Banerjee, Executive Dean of the University’s Faculty of Health, which includes Peninsula Dental School said:

“This is a really fantastic piece of work, really well executed and really useful. It’s a great contribution and I wish Charity the best of luck getting it out there so it can do most good.”

To download the book free, visit Donations are welcome, which Charity will send to NHS Charities Together, National Emergencies Trust and Medecins Sans Frontieres. 

"I hope it will help to raise awareness and dispel some of the fear that the children must be feeling now their world has turned upside-down."   

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