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Our responsibilities as a visa sponsor

As a Student visa sponsor, the University has a responsibility to only issue Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) according to the Guidance for Sponsors, and to students whom we reasonably believe are genuine, and are able and intend to follow and successfully complete the course of study offered.
The University also has a duty to 'comply with all aspects of the Immigration Rules and sponsor guidance, and support immigration control, including by taking steps to ensure that every student at their institution has permission to study in the UK throughout the whole period of their study' (Points Based System Guidance for Sponsors, document 2).

Things you need to do before you can enrol

Scan your documents

If you are not a UK, Irish, Channel Islands or Isle of Man national, you will need to scan your passport and visa (if applicable) before you can enrol at the University of Plymouth or the University of Plymouth International College (UPIC) and collect your University card.
If you are subject to immigration control in the UK (including Student visa holders), you will need to scan your documents in person at the start of every new academic year or stage of your programme before enroling.

Confirm your immigration status

If you hold immigration permission other than a Student visa, we will contact you again during the academic year, and ask you to confirm that nothing has changed regarding your immigration permission to live and study in the UK. Please respond promptly to these email messages. 
It is your responsibility to inform the University promptly if you receive any communications from the Home Office regarding your existing immigration permissions, or any new leave or immigration permission you have applied for, including if you are an asylum seeker and are notified that your immigration bail conditions have been altered. 

Things we may ask you to do

We reserve the right to ask you to contact our advice teams for help with Student visa applications where applicable, and to restrict the issuance of our CAS accordingly.
We also reserve the right to ask you to produce immigration documents for scanning in person, to update our records, at any point during your studies.
If your passport expires during your studies, we will ask that you produce your current passport for scanning, and will keep on record correspondence relating to this if you will not or cannot renew your passport at that time.
If your immigration permission expires and you do not or cannot submit an application in time to renew your visa, we will ask your faculty to interrupt you from your live programme, unless you have supplied us with evidence that you have already left the UK and will be continuing your programme from your home country.
It is very important that you check your University email account regularly, as messages regarding your visa expiry and other important communications from the University will be sent there primarily.

Data sharing and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Holding your information

As part of our duties as a Student visa sponsor, the University is required to hold information regarding (and not limited to) your application, any agents or third parties that have assisted in your recruitment process, your enrolment, contact details, attendance, and immigration status documents. 
For more information, please see the details provided at online enrolment and also in the student contract

Sharing your information

As part of our sponsorship duties, the University may share information with UKVI (the Home Office), UKVI immigration enforcement officers, Border Force officers and the police as required. If you hold a Student visa, we are required to provide UKVI with your contact details and other relevant information when carrying out certain types of reporting.

Changing your immigration category to a Student visa

Students changing their current immigration category to a Student visa (e.g., if their other immigration permission is expiring or will not cover the duration of their degree) must meet the full requirements for a CAS to be issued (which are the same as those for new students) if they have studied at the University or University of Plymouth International College for less than one full academic year when requesting the CAS. We will assess applicants based on these criteria rather than their progress to date.
Please read the University's CAS and Student Visa Sponsorship Policy.