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D-Day 80 and Devon

Ahead of the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings on 6 June 1944, Dr Harry Bennett explores the preparation and activity that took place in “sleepy old Devonshire”.
“The fields and lanes of Devon became mock battlefields, and more than a few American soldiers learned to truly hate Dartmoor with its clinging damp, peat bogs, tors and tussocks that just seemed to go on forever.”
The US Army training on Dartmoor
The US Army training on Dartmoor
With an upcoming British film based on the deception operation starring Colin Firth, Dr Harry Bennett explores a range of Allied intelligence used in the Second World War.
From dead bodies to spies, code-breakers to gadgetry 'Allied intelligence' in the Second World War came in many forms.
Operation Mincemeat was a brilliantly unorthodox example of Allied strategic deception in the Second World War, the purpose of which was to misdirect the attention of the German Armed Forces as to Allied plans to land on the island of Sicily in 1943. 
The officers of HMS Seraph, the submarine selected for the operation, on board in December 1943

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