Bradley Morton: BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Exercise and Health graduate

Bradley is now working as a Nutrition and Health Advisor for Devon and Somerset Fire Service

Bradley Morton had been a Royal Navy chef for 11 years when he had a moment of realisation. Always a keen learner on the subject of health and wellbeing, and someone who would proactively assist servicemen and women with meal plans, he realised that he simply did not know enough about the ‘science of nutrition’.

Being based out of Plymouth, most latterly on HMS Drake, and with a young family in the city, Bradley applied for the BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Exercise and Health degree at the University. And once he had been accepted, he took the opportunity to redesign the Navy’s menu and conduct an evaluation as part of his course.


Bradley Morton


“I think the most important thing for me was gaining the ability to apply science to an area of keen interest,” says Bradley when asked about the most valuable thing he took from his degree. "Five years ago, I was the type of person that believed anything I read on social media. If you’d told me that drinking five pints of lime juice would help you build muscle, I’d have tried it. University teaches you to think critically and to consider implications. And it makes you appreciate the hard work that goes into research.”

Bradley is now working for Devon and Somerset Fire Service as a Nutrition and Health Advisor, working closely with the occupational health team. From measuring aerobic capacity to providing training and dietary advice, Bradley is on hand to help every full and retained firefighter meet the demands of what is a physically demanding and strenuous role.

“It’s a great job,” he says. “It really does call on all of the things I learned at university, and enables me to focus on that health and fitness side in addition to nutrition.”

<p>Bradley Morton<br></p>
<p>Bradley Morton<br></p>
<p>Bradley Morton<br></p>