Mathematics with education students working on outreach as part of the Mathematics Enrichment Project

Your Mathematics with Education programme is a mathematics degree with final year education modules and the opportunity during the course to engage in the many enrichment activities that we run for schools – the Mathematics Enrichment Programme. A range of hands on opportunities are available to our Mathematics with Education students. As well as the being able to work on primary masterclasses by running sessions, you are actively encouraged to engage in our year 9 masterclasses programme and there is an opportunity to help on a year 10 residential masterclass. Many students who have progressed to teacher training say that this experience was instrumental in obtaining their job.

The education modules are run by Dr Jenny Sharp who has worked with schools in various capacities, and is often invited to run workshops and masterclasses around the country including at the Royal Institution, other universities and in schools. This expertise, the high level mathematical content of the degree and our links with local schools mean that students are prepared for the changing face of education in the UK.

We are very proud of the support we offer and we place an emphasis on developing your oral and written professional communications skills. This greatly enhances your employability. Our optional placement year is a great way to gain commercial experience and opens doors into good jobs.

Our degrees feature a variety of final year project modules. Recent project topics include: 
  • Assessment for learning in the mathematics classroom
  • Teaching mathematics at secondary school: A comparative study between France and England
  • A case study: Using tactile resources as a Kinaesthetic approach to algebra at Key Stage 3
  • An investigation into the problem-solving strategies adopted by children
  • What engages children in the mathematics classroom?
  • How can the move from primary to secondary school be made easier?
  • Leading students to the target concept through questioning