Nathan Riseborough - graduate profile
"As someone looking to go into teaching I either had the option of studying for a BEd or first doing a mathematics degree followed with a 1-year PGCE course. Both options were exactly the same in terms of course duration and so I opted to do the BSc Mathematics with Education course at Plymouth so that I could get both an insight into teaching and a mathematics degree at the same time – essential if I decided teaching was not for me or if I was to change my choice of career in the future. 

The course at Plymouth was superb. I was able to consolidate and extend my mathematics skills whilst at the same time gaining enough experience in schools to decide if teaching was a career I wanted to pursue. The education side of the degree involved both the practical side of teaching and the theoretical aspects of the profession. I was able to go into a school on a regular basis, observe lessons and gradually build up to leading a class. At the same time I was also looking in detail at the theory behind how teachers teach and how pupils learn, a vital aspect of teaching. 

For me, the mathematics with education degree was an excellent route into teaching, ensuring that my subject knowledge was sound and giving me a rounded view of what a career in teaching would be like. The experience I gained was invaluable during my PGCE year and the ideas and knowledge I gained during the course are used every day whilst teaching my classes."