Rachel Cole working in the laboratory

"The course is incredibly varied allowing you to find out what kind of Marine Biologist you want to become, whether it's a diving researcher surveying the sea bed, a microbiologist working in the lab, or a rock pool ecologist, the list is endless!
The amount of opportunities presented to you on the course is great! It doesn't get boring because it's not all lectures... there's plenty of exciting lab sessions and countless visits to the beautiful South Devon shores to explore the wild marine life. There are also the field trips abroad where you can take the skills you have learned in the UK and apply them to marine animals you wouldn't find in this country, plus it's fun to go with your course mates.
Plymouth is the only University in the UK to offer students the choice of becoming a HSE PRO SCUBA Commercial Diver which makes you more employable during and after Uni. I did it, and now I dive in the National Marine Aquarium and dive for PhD students helping them to collect data."

Rachel Cole, Marine Biology student