Elyssa Quinton, Marine Biology student

"I have always wanted to study marine biology, and Plymouth offers a fantastic course with great aims and friendly staff. All the academics involved in the course are willing to help and always have the time to support and motivate you. The lectures and workshops are all very well organised and the course is worth the time and energy spent on it! I have gained various skills such as organisation, motivation, presentation and teamwork skills. These have led to me achieving confidence in my capabilities for the future.

I have found the coursework very engaging and interesting. I have also had the opportunity to go on field trips to Roscoff and Portugal, which allowed me to study marine organisms not found in UK waters. Both trips were so much fun while giving me the opportunity to learn a lot!

My advice to anyone who is interested in marine biology would be to get some experience in the sector, such as undertaking work experience in an aquarium or scientific laboratory. 

A highlight of Plymouth is its location. It is near the sea, which means there is the opportunity to get involved with a variety of water sports. You are also surrounded by beautiful countryside. I love that everything is so close on campus and I have met many like-minded people while I've been here!"