Benedikt Kaspar

Freelance Scientist

Current job title: Freelance Scientist with LiMnADs project
Current location: Germany
Studied: BSc Geography with Ocean Science (graduated 2021); MSc Sustainable Environmental Management (graduated 2022)
I chose Plymouth because of the University’s focus and world leading expertise in ocean sciences and environmental sustainability - it was the perfect combination for me to do my BSc (Hons) Geography with Ocean Science in Plymouth. And there was no question that I would stay on and do my MSc Sustainable Environmental Management degree in Plymouth.
My favourite memory from my degree are the numerous and constructive discussions during and outside of lectures about the studied topics with the lecturers and course mates. They gave me the opportunity to develop my opinions and to be creative and communicative for my later career.
Being taught the most recent findings in science, most of the time through research carried out by the lecturer themselves, was very inspiring. This up to date and innovative knowledge gave me the inspiration to pursue my own research.
Benedikt Kaspar
I always felt very well looked after and supported by the University of Plymouth staff as we had countless great sessions with our tutors, during which we learned a lot of additional skills. Also, general support via email or video chat was always there when needed, especially during COVID times. 
When working on coursework or group projects, LABplus was a perfect place with all its supporting materials and experienced helpful staff at hand, especially for dealing with the endless complexity of GIS software. 

The Writing Cafe was also a great place to go for writing difficulties with coursework, especially for me as a non-native English speaker.

Plymouth has helped me develop a defined personality, self-assurance and creativity that makes me confident to tackle any challenge that will face me in my career.

Benedikt Kaspar
Benedikt Kaspar
I undertook a placement with Deutsche Bahn Cargo UK as part of my master’s degree. For the cargo railway company, I analysed the current situation and practicality of alternative fuel options to replace the use of diesel fuel. This topic went hand-in-hand with my master’s dissertation topic on the implementation of alternative fuel options in the regional passenger railway sector. I enjoyed this new and complex topic and the sustainable impact that I could make with it, which has made me consider taking my career in this direction.
Originally being German, I decided to continue my academic career in the UK, which gave me the experience of different cultures, allowed me to make friends and contacts around the world, and gave me the confidence to pursue my career anywhere in the world, as well as providing the academic content.
Getting in contact with professors and lecturers who are actively doing innovative research themselves, made me impatient to go out into the world to either work for a company which wants to do something innovative and with a positive environmental impact, or to do game-changing research myself.
During my master’s degree, me and some friends had started planning and working on the LiMnADs project, which just after finishing my studies, started to unfold into a fantastic scientific research opportunity for me in which I am applying my knowledge to create a positive impact. The LiMnADs project uses scientific research, technical innovation, and education to protect alpine wetlands.
Benedikt Kaspar

If you want to be more than just a hard-working student, achieving their degree, but also being heard, valued and supported with your own personality and own dreams to finally succeed and being inspired in creating an impact, then there is nowhere better, in my opinion, than Plymouth University