Mark Dewson

"Since graduating from Plymouth University my career has taken me all over the world and I am currently writing this as I fly to Brunei in relation to their Airport upgrade proposals. I am now a Chartered Civil Engineer and Director for Ramboll, a large multidisciplinary engineering consultancy, my work is focussed predominantly on Highway and Aviation Infrastructure Design.

I chose Civil Engineering as I always enjoyed a challenge and wanted to do a technical job whilst still working in the great outdoors. I have not been disappointed. Plymouth is an excellent place to live and study and although it is a very big city it has a very local feel. I met my closest friends, gained a second to none higher education in engineering that is highly revered in industry and have fond memories of an excellent time. The staff and graduates have a very professional outlook on life and this has proved to be a good grounding, in particular their affiliation with the ICE.

Engineering students are always considered the 'workers' amongst the campus fraternity. This is not a bad thing - if you put the hard work in now, you will be rewarded with a career that can take you wherever you want to go and there is always work for those who can stand above the rest."