Mark Burrows - graduate profile

Graduate Engineer, John Grimes Partnership

"I decided to apply to Plymouth because it had a good reputation for teaching quality. Also, I am from the South West, and I wanted to stay here to study because I like its laid back atmosphere. Plymouth has a great location, close to Dartmoor and beaches, with an up and coming city centre.

I particularly enjoyed the structural analysis part of the course and using finite element (FE) programs like Lusas. It really helped, because I am using FE packages now. The course prepared me well for the workplace, and took me further than many other university courses. I find I can converse with other, more experienced engineers quite easily.

I have been working on a couple of geotechnical projects, namely a pile wall at Lyme Regis, which is needed to help counter a major land slip, and the testing of ground anchors on Lundy Island (off the north Devon coast). That's really interesting: the island has such a small population everyone knows me by name and comes up to discuss what we are doing and how we are getting on! It's quite an experience."