Our facilities and resources
From the fully equipped studios to several darkrooms, we have it all. Have a look at our exceptional facilities in the gallery below. 

We are located in the Scott Building, a 19th-century building, which was modernised in 2008 specifically to accommodate the Photography course amongst other arts programmes

All of the main photography resources and facilities are located on the top floor, offering literally everything you need under one roof.

Benefit from a custom-built analogue and digital resource and an extensive Artist Book Collection. Be free to work when the inspiration takes you with our resources open 8.30–21.00 Monday to Friday and 10.00–14.00 at weekends.

Our facilities and resources include:
  • Student base room - a space to sit, think, discuss, work and socialise
  • Analogue darkrooms and digital suites - purpose-built black and white and colour darkrooms and Apple Mac suites with scanners and comprehensive CS software
  • Black and white and colour negative processing
  • Digital print - fast and inexpensive minilab technology, specialist inkjet and large format printing
  • Four photographic studios (including a bespoke daylight studio)
  • Exhibition space - in-house space to exhibit student, staff and touring shows
  • An impressive library.
Further resources and opportunities:
  • Letterpress and printmaking/silkscreen workshops
  • Video and sound plus editing suites
  • Performance space for concerts and live events
  • Public galleries for international exhibitions.

Darren Harvey-Regan, BA (Hons) Photography graduate

The quality of creative space and inspirational input has proven to be invaluable to me in developing my artistic practice.

Achieve your creative goals with our extensive facilities and resources.