Alex Felstead

Current Job Title: Documentary Filmmaker

Current Employer: Self employed

Current Location: Bristol

"Since I graduated from the University of Plymouth I have been lucky enough to travel and work as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. With my background in geography I have began producing films and documenting stories surrounding the climate crisis, climate adaptation and climate injustice.

"A major highlight for me so far was recently sailing across the Atlantic Ocean where I shot and directed a mini documentary for an independent travel series. The documentary followed three novice sailors and their journey across the vast ocean, showcasing the highs, the lows and the environmental realities of our oceans."

<p>Alex Felstead<br></p>

"Studying geography at Plymouth was a key component in getting me to where I am now. Throughout my studies I began to see the world with new perspectives and with my creative interests I would often find myself watching endless amounts of documentaries and exploring mediums such as photojournalism to further my understanding. Naturally, I began to realise my studies and creative interests could coexist and be used to help visually communicate topics I had only ever learnt about within the lecture room. Since then, my aspirations have very much focused on this as I look to continue to produce films helping communicate the effects of climate change."

"Accreditation by The Royal Geographical Society was a key reason I choose to study geography at Plymouth, and due to the courseʼs option to study both physical and human modules throughout the three year degree. As a result of the courseʼs flexibility I developed a well rounded understanding of our physical environment and crucially, how we as humans interact with it. It is this holistic thinking that has now proven to be crucial in the work I do now, helping solve the challenges we face today in the 21st century such as the climate crisis."

"Throughout my studies I very quickly realised that ‘geography' encompassed everything we do as humans. The subjectʼs broadness is itʼs biggest strength, helping us understand the complexity of modern society within an ever changing environment.

"Studying this subject with the courses innovative teaching and fieldwork modules has encouraged critical thinking and a strong awareness of how some of the worldʼs issues could begin to be solved. The course gave me the tools to actually make a meaningful difference in the real world, something I now value highly as a young environmentalist and have undoubtedly been inspired by."


Death Valley, Geology fieldwork


"Throughout my time with the University of Plymouth the support from academic staff was second to none. From course leaders, technicians and dissertation tutors, I found there was help and guidance every step of the way. The open door policy within the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences gave me the confidence to drop in with any issues at any time.

"Since leaving the institution, I continue to speak with my personal tutor and academics who always look to support me where they can, whether its through written references or simply career advice as an alumni."

"Graduating with a BA in Geography from the University of Plymouth has certainly prepared me for the jobs, internships and other opportunities I have successfully landed since graduating. From modules covering interview practice, to practical fieldwork studies requiring high quality written reports, I have left University with the necessary confidence and extensive skillsets to continue progressing as a young professional."

"Since graduating, it is clear that graduates with backgrounds such as geography are in high demand and have attractive skills and attributes for employers today. Companies in all industries are looking towards more sustainable futures, more environmentally friendly materials and processes, which are all aspects which make up the subject of geography."


Australia Field trip, May 2019.