Our graduates

Graduate profile - Adam Read

My course gave me access to the equipment and the facilities I needed to experiment with my video work. Before I came to Plymouth, I had never owned my own camera and now I am experienced with a range of DSLRs, sound equipment and fixtures!

Adam tells us about his role in the campaigns team at the University and his work as a freelance self-shooting director.

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Anna Luiza Golebiewska
Self-employed photographer

“I started working freelance in 2008 and registered myself as self-employed. It was amazing to be able to shoot every day and to live off photography. I work with different cameras, formats and subjects. It is hard to get recognition and permanent clients but if you work really well and you are up to date with new technologies, styles and fashion it will pay off!

The best thing is your independence. You set your own work hours, you choose your clients, your jobs and you have the full control of the business. The hard bit is that sometimes you don't have work coming in for weeks and weeks, you have to be responsible legally for everything you do. Never give up and work as hard as you can. Creating your own unique style will help you with getting more confident, getting more clients and with expanding your skills."

You can view my work at http://www.analuiphotography.com/ and www.flickr.com/photos/analui."

Daniel D'avoine
BA (Hons) Media Arts graduate

“The Media Arts degree helped me develop a broad range of skills, which helped me in my career. Working with other like-minded people was an invaluable experience that I gained from university. Seeing the way others work, bouncing creative ideas and generally just meeting friends for life is one of the valuable university experiences.

Since leaving university I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work as the motion graphics artist for a production company in Jersey. I have worked on projects for large companies around the globe. Since a large amount of my work is for corporate clients the majority of it is not accessible to the public, however a varied amount can be seen on our Vimeo channel www.vimeo.com/spikeproductions. I also have a few personal films live on my Vimeo channel www.vimeo.com/danieldavoine."

Graduate profile - Danny Cooke

The media arts course supports all factors of media, while allowing you to focus on your particular area of interest.

BA (Hons) Media Arts graduate Danny Cooke has shot and edited documentaries, including the award winning ‘Ray: A Life Underwater’.

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Tom Bowman
BA (Hons) Media Arts graduate

“After studying BSc Computer Arts for a year I decided to change course to something more creative and less technical. I wanted to make films and this seemed like the ideal course. In 2010 I was awarded the Media Arts Collaboration Prize for my film entitled ‘Kite Maker’. In 2009 a documentary that I had made about Europe’s first artificial surf reef won ‘Pod of The Month’ on Current TV, which was aired across thousands of homes in the UK, Italy and USA.

I am currently working as a runner for BBC Factual in Bristol working on Daytime show ‘Bargain Hunt’. I am passionate about making films and I knew that I wanted to make documentaries that millions of people could see, therefore TV was the perfect platform, and I’m getting closer to that goal. Eventually I want to be developing and pitching my own ideas, then making them. I have got some really exciting projects in the pipeline. You can see some of my work from University at www.youtube.com/TomBowmanFilms."

Rob Davey
Silverstream TV

"I graduated with a First Class Honours from BA (Hons) Media Arts and have since been working as a Multi-Media Producer for Silverstream TV. Since starting my job I have already travelled across Europe, working as an editor, producer and director on a wide range of live exhibitions and events. The knowledge I gained from completing the media arts course was invaluable. Beforehand I had never even picked up a video camera, but the skills and experiences I developed during my three years on the course have helped me to become an integral part of a well-established television production company."

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Student profile - Jonathan Brough

Being at the University has helped me to discover a passion for film making that has helped me to express myself and I have worked on several exciting projects.

BA (Hons) Media Arts student Jonathan Brough contracted meningitis but, despite his disability, has fulfilled his dream of pursuing his studies.

Graduate profile - Alex Nicol

The variety of different courses and the ability to cross-pollinate knowledge between courses is invaluable. The location is amazing for anyone interested in the outdoors, providing a perfect backdrop for any film shoot you could want.

Plymouth provided Alex Nicol with the opportunity to experiment, develop commercial awareness, create productions, and network within the industry.