PhDs supervised by history staff

A sample of PhDs past and present

Current PhDs

Jennifer Fraser,
‘A Strategy of Distinction: Cultural Identity and the Carews of Antony’
Professor Dan Maudlin and Professor Dafydd Moore

David Goode,
‘Boy work: from education to employment, 1901 – 1930’
Dr James Gregory, Dr Daniel J.R. Grey and Professor Daybell

Gareth Jones,
‘A History of the Development of Nuclear Engineering in the Royal Navy, 1946 – 1975’
Dr Harry Bennett and Dr Elaine Murphy

Amy Robson,
‘Dogs and Domesticity. Reading the Dog in Victorian Britain’
Dr James Gregory and Professor Gemma Blackshaw

Doug Watson, (HuMPA scholarship)
‘The Road to Learning: Re-evaluating the Mechanics’ Institutes Movement’
Dr James Gregory, Dr Daniel J.R. Grey and Professor Daybell

Completed PhDs 2010 – 2017

Barbara A. Bond,
‘MI9’s Escape and Evasion Mapping Programme 1939 – 1945’ (2014)
Dr Harry Bennett, Professor Mark Brayshay and Professor Kevin Jefferys

Jacqueline Bryon,
‘Authority and Crime, 1835 – 1860: A Comparison between Exmouth and Torquay’ (2013)
Professor Kevin Jefferys and Dr Richard Williams

Alan J. Butler,
‘Performing LGBT Pride in Plymouth 1950 – 2012’ (2015)
Professor Roberta Mock and Dr Claire Fitzpatrick

Iain C.E. Channing
‘Blackshirts and White Wigs: Reflections on Public Order Law and the Political Activism of the British Union of Fascists’ (2013)
Professor Kim Stevenson, Professor Kevin Jefferys and Dr Daniel Gilling

Ian D. Cooper,
‘Networks, News and Communication: Political Elites and Community Relations in Elizabethan Devon, 1588 – 1603’ (2012)
School of Humanities and Performing Arts, Faculty of Arts, Plymouth University in collaboration with Devon Record Office
Professor James Daybell

Neal Dando,
‘The Impact of Terrain on British Operations and Doctrine in North Africa 1940 – 1943’ (2014)
Published as From Tobruk to Tunis: The impact of terrain on British operations and doctrine in North Africa, 1940 – 1943 (Solihull: Helion, 2016)
Dr Harry Bennett

Louis P. Devine,
‘The British Way of War in North West Europe 1944 – 45: A Study of Two Infantry Divisions’ (2013)
Published as The British Way of War in Northwest Europe, 1944 – 5: A Study of Two Infantry Divisions (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2015)
Dr Harry Bennett

Rebecca J. Emmett,
‘Networks of Print, Patronage and Religion in England and Scotland 1580 – 1604: The Career of Robert Waldegrave’ (2013)
Professor E.M. Tingle and Dr Peter Hinds

Edward P. J. Gosling,
‘Tommy Atkins, War Office Reform and the Social and Cultural Presence of the Late-Victorian Army in Britain, c.1868 – 1899’ (2015)
Dr Harry Bennett and Professor Kevin Jefferys

Bruna Gushurst-Moore,
‘A Garden in Her Cups: Botanical Medicines of the Anglo-American Home, c.1580 – 1800’ (2012)
Professor James Daybell

Andrew Holborn,
‘56th Infantry Brigade and D-Day: An Independent Infantry Brigade and the Campaign in North West Europe 1944 – 1945’ (2009)
Published as 56th Infantry Brigade and D-Day: An Independent Infantry Brigade and the Campaign in North West Europe 1944-1945 (London: Continuum Studies in Military History, 2010)
Dr Harry Bennett

Khairul Ismail,
‘Pudu Jail's Graffiti: Beyond the Prison Cells’ (2014)
Professor Dan Maudlin and Dr Sarah Bennett

Tom E. Keene,
‘Beset by Secrecy and Beleaguered by Rivals: The Special Operations Executive and Military Operations in Western Europe 1940 – 1942 with Special Reference to Operation Frankton’ (2011)
Published as Cloak of Enemies: Churchill's SOE, Enemies at Home and the Cockleshell Heroes (History Press, 2012)

Bernd Raeke,
‘German-German Relationships in the Fields of Sport with Particular Reference to the Olympic Games 1952 – 1972’ (2014)
Professor Kevin Jefferys and Dr Sandra Barkhof

Susan M. Skinner,
‘A History of the Cornish Male Voice Choir: The Relationship between Music, Place and Culture’ (2013)
Professor Kevin Jefferys

Siobhan Sexton, (HuMPA scholarship)
‘“The Proust of Painting”: Jacques-Emile Blanche, the Neurasthenic Portrait and the Nervous Elite of Paris 1900’ (2017)
Professor Gemma Blackshaw and Dr James Gregory