Dr Claire Fitzpatrick

Dr Claire Fitzpatrick

Lecturer in History

School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)


Lecturer in modern Irish history.

Third year modules:

Hist 365 The Making of Modern Ireland, 1890-1937
Hist 366 Ireland Since 1949: National Identities, Conflict and The Politics of Compromise.
First year module:

Hist 149 Culture, Society and Politics in Britain 1640-1990

I have contributed to modules on the English Reformation and English revolution and one on Visual history.


B.A (Hons) Monash University
Ph.D Cambridge University

Teaching interests

Modern Irish history particularly the Irish revolution 1912-32 and contemporary Northern Ireland; the development of the state in post-partition Ireland; the history of the Irish post office 1912-27.

Research interests

My research interests lie mainly in the development of democracy in the Irish Free State and the role of labour in the Irish revolution. I am interested in popular participation in the revolution. I am also interested in the effects of partition on politics and identity and the development of the state in Northern Ireland  in relation to Labour and popular politics.

I am currently working on a history of the Irish post office in the period of 1912-27.

'Partition, postal service and Ulster Unionist politics, 1921-7' International Journal of Regional and Local History, 10, 2016.

"Nationalising the ideal: Labour and nationalism in Ireland 1909-1923", in E. Biagini (ed.), Citizenship and Community: Liberals, radicals and Collective Identities in the British Isles, 1865-1931, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1996.

"Irish Nationalism" in Immanuel Ness (ed.) Blackwell's International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest, Blackwell Publishing 2009

"Dublin Lockout 1913" in ibid