Dr Claire Fitzpatrick

Dr Claire Fitzpatrick

Lecturer in History

School of Society and Culture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Lecturer in modern Irish history.

Third year module:
Hist 610 The Irish Revolution 1912-37
Second year module:
Hist 517 The Longest War: Britain and Ireland since 1949
First year module:
Hist 409 Fractured Isles: Britain and Ireland 1640-1990


BA (Hons) Monash University
PhD Cambridge University



Teaching interests

Modern Irish history particularly the Irish revolution 1912-32 and contemporary Northern Ireland; the development of the state in post-partition Ireland; the history of the Irish post office 1912-27.



Research interests

My research interests lie mainly in the development of democracy in the Irish Free State and the role of labour in the Irish revolution. I am interested in popular participation in the revolution. I am also interested in the effects of partition on politics and identity and the development of the state in Northern Ireland in relation to Labour and popular politics.

I am currently working on a history of the Irish post office in the period of 1912-27.

Research groups




'Partition, postal service and Ulster Unionist politics, 1921-7' International Journal of Regional and Local History, 10, 2016.

"Nationalising the ideal: Labour and nationalism in Ireland 1909-1923", in E. Biagini (ed.), Citizenship and Community: Liberals, radicals and Collective Identities in the British Isles, 1865-1931, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1996.

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