Dental education ADEE

This module builds on the skills acquired in modules one and two and focuses on aesthetic dental procedures, as well as introducing the use of dental implants. Teaching consists of lectures, demonstrations and practical training in the simulated dental learning environment.

This module provides:

  • Treatment planning; when to extract.
  • Root canal treatment versus endodontics.
  • Conventional bridges versus implants.
  • Risk management of medico-legal risks.
  • Assessment prior to dental implants.
  • Implant loading protocols.
  • Techniques for implant surgery and restoration.
  • Diagnosis and management of aesthetic problems using a restorative/orthodontic multidisciplinary approach.
  • Direct and indirect veneers.
  • Diagnosis and management of dental trauma.

Hands on sessions include:

  • Implant placement and restoration on manikins.
  • Live demonstration of surgery and restoration of implants.
  • Direct composite veneering of anterior teeth.
  • Preparation of multiple anterior teeth.
  • Splinting following trauma.