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This module enables you to develop your skills and knowledge in fixed and removable prosthodontics, as well as providing an introduction to crown lengthening surgery and surgical management of periodontal disease. Teaching consists of lectures, demonstrations, and practical training in the simulated dental learning environment.


  • Role of, indications for and techniques for periodontal (pocket reduction) surgery.
  • Post-operative care following periodontal surgery.
  • Assessing the outcomes.
  • The periodontal/restorative interface and crown lengthening surgery.


  • Restoration of the endodontically treated tooth.

Fixed prosthodontics

  • Shade taking.
  • Principles of extracoronal cast restorations.
  • Impression making.
  • Preparation of anterior teeth.
  • Partial coverage restorations.
  • Predictable temporisation.
  • Restoration of the edentulous space.
  • Fixed bridge design and preparation.
  • Treatment planning case discussions.
  • Cementation, survival and maintenance.
  • Interactive treatment planning discussions.

Removable prosthodontics

  • Complete dentures; techniques, tips and trouble-shooting.
  • Treatment planning for partial dentures.
  • Partial denture design principles and techniques.

Hands on sessions include:

  • Preparations for full coverage anterior and posterior crowns.
  • Preparations for inlays/onlays.
  • Preparation for an anterior veneer.
  • Preparation for cast post/core and construction of a direct resin pattern.
  • Shade taking; hands on session.
  • Temporary crown construction.
  • Electrosurgery.
  • Surgical crown lengthening.
  • Partial denture treatment planning sessions, surveying and tooth preparation.
  • Setting up of denture teeth using wax rims and biometric guides.
  • Advanced periodontal surgery.