Hannah Pugh – BDS Dental Surgery graduate

Discover what Hannah has been up to since graduating and why she would recommend studying at Plymouth

Hannah Pugh – BDS Dental Surgery Graduate

Plymouth gave me the tools I needed to be a well-rounded clinician with good problem-solving skills, which are essential in dentistry.

– Hannah Pugh – BDS Dental Surgery Graduate

My career since graduating

Since graduating, I have tried to explore a breadth of dentistry. I undertook my foundation training in a dental practice in Buckinghamshire, before deciding to undertake Dental Core Training (DCT) to enhance my skills in specialist areas.

I worked in paediatric dentistry, oral surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery over three years in a range of different locations. Having gained experience in different clinical fields I applied for a non-clinical fellowship to gain experience in healthcare policy and regulation. I am now training in orthodontics in Bristol and my goal is to become a Consultant Orthodontist.

If you’re considering a similar career path, my advice would be to get as much experience as possible in different areas of dentistry, both in dental practices and hospitals.

Dentistry is an amazing profession for allowing you to do lots of different types of work – both clinical and non-clinical.

I would also advise people to join committees and dental organisations because the more involved you are the more you know!

The benefits of studying at Plymouth

Studying BDS Dental Surgery at Plymouth gave me the tools I needed to be a well-rounded clinician with good problem-solving skills, which are essential in dentistry.

The course focuses on more than just technical skills and I feel like I left with good communication, leadership and organisational skills.

Plymouth itself is fantastic – it’s a really fun city to live in. But my favourite part was my time in Truro where we would regularly go to the beach after clinic. I made some great friends whilst in Plymouth who I am still in touch with. We are at the stage where most of our big meet ups are now at weddings.

Hannah is currently working as an Orthodontic Specialty Registrar at Bristol Dental Hospital.

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You will treat patients through partnership with Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise and the wider NHS in Devon and Cornwall, become familiar with a variety of clinical situations, and prepare for a future career path through solving clinical problems. 

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