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University of Plymouth One Hundred £100’s Big Idea Challenge 2022
<p>University of Plymouth &amp; Santander Universities The Cube 'Dragons Den' 2022*<br></p>
University of Plymouth 'Dragons Den' 2022

Coming Soon! University of Plymouth & Santander Universities The Cube 'Dragons Den' 2023*

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pitch their business ventures (freelance business included) to a panel of experts competing to win a share of £10,000! 
This competition offers you an opportunity as students or graduates of the University of Plymouth, individually or working as a team, to grow an enterprise and to have the experience of 'pitching' your business. 
It is also a route through which trading businesses looking to scale up, can obtain funding to support their growth. 
It is an excellent learning experience and also a bit of fun. The competition is open to undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students as well as graduates.

<p>University of Plymouth &amp; Santander Universities The Cube 'Dragons Den' 2022*<br></p>
Either individually, or as a team, you are invited to develop and present a business in one of the two categories: 
1) A commercial business
2) A social enterprise/CIC
Sponsorship for this competition comes from Santander Universities
*based on 'Dragons' Den' on TV ('Shark Tank' in the USA), just go to YouTube.
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Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards 

The annual Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards is a business pitching competition which encourages and supports university students to be more entrepreneurial and is open to all students and graduates from University of Plymouth. The awards benefit student and graduate entrepreneurs by offering cash prizes, mentoring and startup support. Since the competition’s launch, more than £420,000 has been given to startups and small businesses. 
Watch this space for 2022/23 open applications.

Futures Entrepreneurship Event Hot Box 500 - students pitching business idea
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