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This policy was reviewed and approved by the University Executive Group on 9 March 2022.
It will be reviewed again before 10 March 2024.

Who does it apply to?

The Tendering Policy applies to all staff and must be considered and followed prior to making financial commitments on behalf of the University.


The Tendering Policy is driven by the University's Financial Regulations, the purpose of which are to provide control over the totality of the University's resources and to provide the Board of Governors and management with assurances that those resources are being properly applied.
So that,
We can ensure achievement of the University's strategic plan, charitable and commercial objectives including:
  • financial viability
  • achieving value for money
  • fulfilling its responsibility for the provision of effective financial controls over the use of public funds
  • ensuring that the University complies with all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements
  • safeguarding the assets of the University.

Grant funding

Grant funding conditions often stipulate required procurement processes that must be followed (particularly ESIF/ERDF). These can differ from the University policy and are often more complex. If you are contemplating a purchase using ERDF/ESIF grand monies please contact Procurement for advice before proceeding further.


The University must also comply with the Principles and associated thresholds set by the Public Contracts Regulations PCR2015.
As of January 2022 the PCR Thresholds are published inclusive of VAT, procurement must be engaged where the following thresholds are breached:
  • Goods/Supplies & Services = £231,477
  • For Works = £5,336,937

Key thresholds

The Tendering Policy sets out minimum requirements for non-grand funded expenditure.
Staff have a responsibility to ensure they have an awareness of all aspects of the Tendering Policy. View the full Tendering Policy document which provides a high level summary of key aspects.
For further guidance, the Procurement team is here to provide support:
University of Plymouth tendering policy key thresholds