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What is the events calendar?

The events calendar is a web-based central listing of events for the University of Plymouth, accessible to both an internal and external audience. 
It's been designed to be a single, clear, comprehensive and easy to use central information point for all University-sponsored events. It promotes events taking place across the University, and feeds selected activities to different areas of the website, the intranet and touch screen information kiosks. 
View the events calendar.

Who looks after it?

The events calendar is published by Marketing and Communications.
The Events Calendar Editor is responsible for reviewing and editing events in the calendar, promoting the events calendar and other related activities.


  • The events calendar will be updated as frequently as possible to ensure movement and currency.
  • Items posted will reflect the diversity of University activities and interests of extranet visitors. 
  • No bias will be shown to any particular subject or area of activity.
  • Items will be prioritised according to the criteria published below.

Criteria for listing items on the University events calendar

  1. Items must be directly connected to the University.
  2. Requests to post personal items such as charitable events will not be supported unless there is also strong corporate involvement and commitment (for example information about joining the Friends of The Arts Institute or appropriate events linked to our University partners).
  3. All requests must be in accordance with University policy regarding taste/decency/race equality/disability equality etc.
  4. No item will be accepted for listing unless there is a nominated information owner, and full contact details supplied for that person. 
  5. Requests should be sent at least two weeks prior to the requested listing date.
  6. As the events calendar publisher, Marketing and Communications reserves the right to prioritise, select and edit any information that appears in the calendar or refuse requests outside this criteria.

How can I include my event in the University's events calendar?

We welcome event submissions from University faculties, schools, directorates and other registered campus organisations.
To submit details of your event, please provide:
  • a high resolution landscape image (minimum 1280 x 720 pixels)
  • event information with date(s), start and end times, location and booking details (if required)
  • contact details
  • supporting information, if required (documents, links etc)
The Events Calendar Editor will check the event details are complete before posting them on the events calendar. You'll be emailed a link to the event once it has been added for your information. Events may also (at the discretion of the Events Calendar Editor) be added to the social media diary for the University’s Twitter or Facebook accounts.
Where possible, event information will be uploaded onto the events calendar within three to five working days of receipt of each event submission form. Please note: queries or errors with a submission may mean additional time is required to upload the event information.
Please submit your content with at least two weeks' notice where possible.

Appeals procedure

Anyone wishing to appeal against a decision not to post an item on the University events calendar should register their reasons for the appeal with the Digital Manager. Where appropriate, appeals may be considered by the Marketing and Communications senior management team.

More information

Alice Li, Events Calendar Editor, eventscalendar@plymouth.ac.uk