design, print and photography

Design studio team

As experienced designers and creative thinkers we offer the University community a professional design service and manage the University brand. We do more than produce polished layouts for brochures or advertising: we organise information so that the message is on brand, clear, memorable and speaks to the intended audience. The scope of our service includes such things as developing a concept and unique visual language for a specific campaign, distilling an idea into an icon or logo and visualising complex sets of information as infographics.

Design lead times: A minimum of three weeks for any job – plus two weeks, if print is required.


DPC Print offers a range of professional value for money print services using tested and approved external suppliers. We also store and manage the allocation of departmental copier papers. Print services are available to staff and students.


The Photography team creates images for University of Plymouth. Working with Digital, Design and PR teams we support recruitment, marketing and communications, photographing campaigns, research, people, places and events. Available by commission – new creative material.
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