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The Employability Jigsaw Project undertook a short review of HEI employability practice. This  short report offers examples and links from seven universities. 
Use story telling to embed employability in the curriculum. The Sheffield University project 'Storying Sheffield' used this method across a wide range of disciplines. Students collect discipline related stories using a range of media, audio, art, photographs, films, written etc. ​Storying Sheffield found the experience offers new frames of reference and critical skills​, increased social and community awareness and developed a range of interdisciplinary knowledge and experience.​
Graduate Employability. Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching in association with Bond University, Curtin University and RMIT University. Videos for Educators including 'Making employability explicit', 'Teach your discipline well', 'Embedding employability in the curriculum', 'Rethinking assessment'.
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Yorke, M. and Knight, P., 2006. Embedding employability into the curriculum (Vol. 3). York: Higher Education Academy. 
The Careers and Employability YouTube playlist contains many videos that can be used in teaching sessions:
Accelerate videos
  • 5 steps to being graduate ready
  • Prepare for the Career Fairs – 5 top tips
  • Prepare for the Networking Evenings – 5 top tips
Accelerate webinar recordings
  • Finding graduate jobs
  • Applying for jobs
  • Interview with confidence
Other videos
  • Top tips from our graduates
  • Part-Time Jobs Fairs with Plymouth University
  • Careers Fairs with Plymouth University
  • Employer networking evenings
  • Career Navigator
  • University of Plymouth FLUX