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Schools are advised to have a School Employability Lead or an Associate Head for Employability to lead the agenda. 
It is acknowledged some schools may have Employability Leads for different subject areas and that these will need to report to the main school lead. 
Employability leads should have a role description and an allocation of hours.
Employability forums will be held to support Employability Leads and other staff to improve and develop employability. It is not the intention that Employability Leads will deliver all employability content in a school. 
Their role is to: advise and support academics to embed employability in the curriculum; foster relationships with CES, UPSU and enterprise staff to increase these activities in the school; promote and extend work-related experience; ensure employability is visible to all on programme webpages and the DLE; and monitor/respond to employability activity and DLHE/Graduate Outcomes Record (GOR) data.