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Join our 'Trauma and Beyond' sessions, run by the Wellbeing team at the University of Plymouth. The sessions are open to all University of Plymouth students. 
If you have experienced shock, trauma or loss, you might find it helpful to understand how this can impact on your psychological and physical health and wellbeing. In these sessions you will also learn and practice effective techniques that will teach you to soothe and regulate distressing symptoms, such as flashbacks, panic attacks, sleep problems and difficulty focusing.
If you are intending to engage in EMDR therapy it is an opportunity to learn about how it works and explore techniques that will be most helpful and supportive for you during that process, therefore it is a requirement that you attend these sessions prior to individual therapy.
Please note that this is not a therapy group. We will not be talking about any personal or distressing information. 
You should find it a calming, safe and supportive environment.