Research Festival: Metastatic breast cancer - PhD research in New York
  • Room 320, Babbage building, University of Plymouth - video linked to Adelphi University, New York

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Metastatic breast cancer is the most common form of breast cancer, and yet has the most significant gap in information available for those who live with it.

PhD student Carol Tucker, based at Adelphi University, New York, wants to understand the information available to patients, their families and wider health professionals around metastatic cancer. Is there enough? Could it be improved? What do those who directly benefit from the information need?

The aim of the session is to share information from the literature on what is known about the types of information needed by women with MBC and their families, and how this information may differ according to personal characteristics such as age, ethnicity, how long they have been diagnosed, information preferences. The session will be interactive with opportunities for the audiences to ‘vote’ to give their views as well as a discussion period at the end.

Carol A Tucker's research on BMJ Open

Carol Tucker is a distance-learner based in Adelphi University, New York, and will be presenting his findings at the event there, with Professor Ray Jones and a small invited audience in Plymouth video-conferencing to participate. 

If you're interested in joining the video-conference in Plymouth, please contact Professor Ray Jones directly on  

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