Workshop: Using video in teaching
  • Babbage 417

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This workshop is for University of Plymouth staff only. 

In this session we will cover the basics of video production. This will differ from a simple “how to” of video production in that we incorporate pedagogy. Not only will you learn the process needed to make a video yourself, we will also take you through why it can be a powerful teaching and learning tool that can change the way you deliver your content to your students. You will discover how video can provide an enriching learning experience for your students.

This session will also include the following:

  • What is an appropriate use of video in educational contexts: we will take you through a range of case studies examples from other academics. Looking at how they have used videos to flip the classroom and how they encouraged students to create videos as part of their project work.

  • The fundamentals of creating your own video project: This will include making a storyboard; a creative process in which you plan what to include in your video, and what order it arrives on screen.

  • Capturing footage and the things that need to be considered during this process: This will encompass lighting conditions, reducing background noise, and how to set up your equipment.

  • Filming practice: how professionals approach film making.

  • What makes a video engaging and interesting, which includes examples and demonstrations.

Our collection on LinkedIn Learning

We have compiled a collection on LinkedIn Learning to help support you in your video for teaching activities.

For enquiries about this workshop, please contact the Digital Education team.

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