Student career placement testimonials

Our students share their views and experiences

Ryan Wilce
Placement Officer, Performing Arts

<p>Ryan Wilce, Placement Officer, Performing Arts<br></p>

As Placement Officer for the Performing Arts, my role is about supporting the students to get the best industry experience and to develop their employability while they are training with us.

The support that I offer ranges from:

  • developing a strong CV
  • finding placements and work based learning opportunities with industry leading companies/professionals
  • networking
  • supporting the development of new work or ideas and getting them ready to present this work to the industry.
During my time at the University of Plymouth I have worked with students to gain professional experience and credits, not only has performers, but as producers, stage managers, lighting technicians, directors, wardrobe assistants and many more.

These opportunities ensure all students graduate with a strong career portfolio alongside their degree.

Timothy J Norman, BA (Hons) Acting

The career placements that the University of Plymouth has offered over the past year have been amazing. Ryan has allowed me to kick start my career here in the South West by taking part in a placement that he advised me to go for. Ryan then helped me with the application and supported me throughout the placement. He continues to give me career advice and always answers any concerns that I have relating to work I have had because of the placement I undertook. I would not be in the position I am now if it wasn’t for Ryan and the University.

The placements are an incredible asset to the University of Plymouth and I am very lucky and grateful that Ryan has such a vast and detailed network of people that he is willing to share with all of the students.

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<p>Timothy J Norman, Stage Manager of Drum Show at Theatre Royal Plymouth</p>

Timothy J Norman, Stage Manager of Drum Show at Theatre Royal Plymouth

Julia Antram, BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance

The amount of work experience and job opportunities available to us here at the University of Plymouth is incredible. I have been a part of multiple projects working within the community while studying at university without it being too overwhelming. I have made numerous contacts through my work experience and have got to know artists in the local area on a personal level. The people I have met have assisted me with placements for my modules and have helped me to create a network of people involved in the work I am most interested in. This has been an invaluable service as I now don’t feel as daunted to graduate and start looking for work.

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Conny Hancock, BA (Hons) Acting

Ryan has given me solid advice on areas to grow my career through the community within Plymouth. He has helped me find out who to contact for different projects, made me aware of opportunities I wouldn't have been aware of before, let me know about workshops in the city that can give me wider experiences and helped me successfully fill out applications.

I feel that due to these opportunities, I am having a much larger engagement with Plymouth and all it has to offer and as a result becoming far more employable for when I graduate.

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<p>Julia and Cary on placement with 'Trigger'.</p>
Julia and Cary on placement with 'Trigger'
<p>Eleanor, BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance</p>
Eleanor, BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance

Cary Ryan, BA (Hons) Acting

Since Ryan began offering career placements to students at the University of Plymouth, my network in the South West has grown tenfold! Both my career and CV have gained many assets from work that Ryan has advised me to go for. I am still receiving job opportunities from work that started with an email from Ryan many months prior. His experience in the South West is invaluable to any actor at the University and he’s always enthusiastic to help with any questions I may have about opportunities or applications. I look forward to future opportunities for placements to further enhance my career before graduating.

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Eleanor Firth, BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance

Through a placement opportunity that was given to me by Ryan, I was able to work as an assistant stage manager at the Theatre Royal Plymouth over the summer. I learned invaluable skills from established industry professionals and made great contacts. The pairing between the Theatre Royal and the University of Plymouth is revolutionary in the development of students as young artists.

The University supports and cares about its students, both as young people and emerging makers, forming a relationship of trust and belief.

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