CDT SuMMeR diversity matters

Committed to equality, diversity, widening participation and inclusion

CDT SuMMeR is committed to equality, diversity, widening participation and inclusion in its work with students, supervisors and all partners, as well as its interaction with the research community, industry, government and non-governmental organisations. In line with UKRI’s Equality, diversity and inclusion policy, at the CDT SuMMeR we will be promoting EDI at every level, and through the whole journey from project development, to recruitment, completion and to exit.

The following indicates our ambitions and actions to achieve this.

Recruitment of students

Promoting equality of opportunity
Review Studentship Advertisements/Person Specifications and ensure appropriate (inclusive and positive) language and essential criteria are publicised.
Require all recruitment panels to have gender representation reflective of the organisations involved.
Require everyone involved with recruitment to complete training in unconscious bias.
Enable students to succeed by supporting specific needs according to disclosed additional needs and reasonable adjustments. All data to be reported to CDT SuMMeR’s Management Group (quarterly) and CDT SuMMeR’s EDI Committee (annually).
Promote equality, diversity and inclusion as part of Outreach and widening participation activity, by targeting groups of low-recruitment as identified by the Management Group and Advisory Board.
School of Engineering Equality Diversity and Inclusion


Develop significantly greater awareness of mental health issues via direct provision of mental health awareness and mindfulness sessions at cohort training events, and by signposting provision at hosting partners.
Ensure training programmes are accessible to, and inclusive for, disabled students.
Include unconscious bias and equality themes in all relevant training/briefings.
Aim to achieve a representative balance of speakers/training providers for CDT training activities, with gender balance reflective of the organisations involved. Where this is not possible, the selection process for speakers and trainers will be transparent.
Require all CDT students to carry out equality, diversity and inclusion and unconscious bias training.
Promoting a positive environment by encouraging participation and involvement, and minimising disadvantages due to protected characteristics in the way they are managed and in effective resolution of complaints.
Ensure regular engagement with CDT SuMMeR’s Lead on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
Hold regular meetings with training coordinators and student representatives to get views and experiences, acting on identified poor practice.
Undertake regular consultation and communication with our supervisor pool, partners, external stakeholders and students in respect of policies and procedures.
Request and respond to feedback for every CDT event and the CDT provision as a whole, and communicate with staff and students on progress.


Promoting self-analysis and continuous improvement.
Collect, analyse, and act on monitoring data pertaining to the protected characteristics.
Identify trends and prioritise to address the impact on individuals and groups who have protected characteristics.
Promote our ‘no tolerance’ stance to harassment and bullying; provide support and signpost advice so that staff and students feel comfortable to make a complaint if they feel harassed or bullied.
All monitoring data to be presented annually to the Management Group and EDI Committee.
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