Application process

Eligibility exclusions

Distance learning (online) programmes

Distance learning (i.e. online) programmes provided in partnership with Laureate Online Education are ineligible for Title IV aid (i.e. Direct Loans) in accordance with Federal regulations 34 CFR 600.2 and 34 CFR 668.38.

University of Plymouth will not certify Private Loans or enrolment for VA Educational Benefits for students undertaking study by distance learning.

For further information please discuss your financial aid requirements directly with Laureate Online Education, as the education provider. 

Medicine and nursing degrees

The University's Programme Participation Agreement excludes eligibility for Direct Loans for students undertaking medicine or nursing degrees. If you plan on undertaking a medicine or nursing programme of study then you will be required to find alternate sources of funding as Direct Loans are not available to you. 

Private Loans and VA Educational Benefits are available to students on medicine and nursing programmes.