Funding for undergraduates

As an undergraduate at Plymouth, there are plenty of funding options available, including:

  • * Tuition fee loans
  • * Living cost loans
  • * Scholarships, bursaries and awards

Tuition fee loans

At the University of Plymouth all Home and EU students are able to apply for a tuition fee loan equivalent to their fee – £9,250. For more information, visit our fees and funding page, or visit the Student Loans Company website.

Living cost loans 2021/22

All students are eligible to apply for a living cost loan (also called maintenance loans) if you’re studying full time. This is to help towards your day-to-day spending such as food, travel and accommodation.

In 2021/22 the maximum annual loan available will be:

  • Students living at home £7,987
  • Students living away from home £9,488
  • Students who are eligible for benefits and living at parental home £9,423
  • Students who are eligible for benefits living away from parental home £10,815

You won’t have to repay your tuition fee or living costs loans until you graduate and earn over £27,295 a year.

The table shows examples of what you can expect your monthly loan repayments to be once you’re earning over £27,295.

Yearly income before tax Monthly repayment
Up to £27,295 £0
£30,000 £20
£35,000 £58
£40,000 £95

Living cost loans: living at home rates 2021/22

Annual household income Repayable living cost loan
£25,000 or less £7,987
£30,000 £7,315
£35,000 £6,642
£40,000 £5,969
£42,875 £5,582
£45,000 £5,296
£50,000 £4,623
£55,000 £3,950
£58,222 and over £3,516

Living cost loans: living away from home rates 2021/22

Annual household income Repayable living cost loan
£25,000 or less £9,488
£30,000 £8,809
£35,000 £8,130
£40,000 £7,450
£42,875 £7,060
£45,000 £6,771
£50,000 £6,092
£55,000 £5,412
£60,000 £4,733
£62,249 and over £4,422

Scholarships and awards

In addition to those listed below, the University offers a number of course-specific scholarships. Please visit your course/programme page for further details

Sanctuary scholarships

Sanctuary scholarships are a financial support package for students who may have difficulty accessing home fees due to their immigration status. They are for any students living in the UK (however, priority is given to individuals living in the Plymouth area). Each Faculty offers one scholarship per year, meaning there are three scholarships available annually. Each scholarship includes:

  • a full fee-waiver for the entirety of the undergraduate course
  • £1000 per year toward study costs (for the first three years)
  • a fully-funded pre-sessional English course (to ensure scholars meet IELTS 6.0 requirements).

Find out more about the Sanctuary scholarships

Santander Scholarships

Open to University of Plymouth students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and staff who wish to undertake a period of research, study or work based learning in any country within the Banco Santander network.

Find out more about the scholarships

Tamar Engineering Project

The Tamar Engineering Project will transform the lives of talented and ambitious students whose background or circumstances might be a barrier to higher education advancement and success. Established through the vision and generosity of alumnus Stephen Ball, the Tamar Engineering Project will inspire and support the next generation of engineers in the UK.We will provide annual financial awards and one-to-one industry mentoring to the most deserving students to facilitate University study; each award representing a life-changing opportunity for the recipient.

More information on the Tamar Engineering Project