Stand-alone, 20 credit MSc (Level 7) postgraduate modules

Start to build your portfolio of higher qualifications through selecting any of the following modules to complete on a stand-alone basis

MSc Advanced Clinical Practice in Ophthalmology 

Opt to collate our clinical and core modules into a full MSc qualification that aligns to the Health Education England (HEE) Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) multidisciplinary framework 
Completing an MSc programme aligned to the ACP multidisciplinary framework means: 
  • The qualification obtained through your MSc is nationally recognised as a demonstration of advanced level of ability in clinical ophthalmology. 
  • The level of training obtained through your MSc is standardised against recognised frameworks and supports national eyecare transformation needs.
  • You enhance not only your training in Clinical practice, but also Clinical Leadership and Management, Clinical Education and Clinical Research: the four pillars of Advanced Practice.
  • You are eligible to apply for ‘Advanced Clinical Practitioner’ roles within optometry and ophthalmology.

Our partners

  • 1

    Accredited by College of Optometrists for Professional certificates in Glaucoma and Medical Retina (available as stand alone 20 credit modules).

  • 2

    MSc Programme Accredited by British and Irish Orthoptic Society.

  • 3

    Commissioned by Health Education England and informed by national and local consultation with sectors specialists, it is the first programme of its kind in the Southwest.