Discovering a world of opportunity through Clearing

After complications with applying to her first choice of university, Laura used Clearing to take the course she wanted

<p>Laura Neal, BSc (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice<br></p>
"When August came around I called the University helpline and explained that I was planning to apply. I didn’t know much about the process, but the adviser was very clear and understanding when guiding me through my options. They were so positive about my opportunities at Plymouth that I instantly felt happier and excited; it was much easier than I expected it to be." 

Laura Neal

Applying as an international student

As an international student, I was waiting for my residency card to arrive, and for my first choice of university this seemed to be a problem. Despite receiving an unconditional offer, they rejected me, so I applied to Plymouth via Clearing. 
The staff at Plymouth were incredibly understanding of the obstacles international students can face and explained that they would hold my application as pending up to the point that my residency permit arrived. I was then able to fully access my course.
Ask for help – going through Clearing can seem scary, but the University have a team of people who are there to advise you. If you’re thinking about it, take the risk! Clearing means starting a new application, but sometimes it can be the best decision, like it was for me. 
I’d say be prepared to go through the process on results day. Whether you have done really well or not as you expected, there are other routes you can take. 

Settling in

I settled into life at university well. The accommodation team allocated me a room in the student village, despite how late I had applied. The university is surrounded by shops, bars, and restaurants perfect for students. Having the harbour close by is also very nice and I love going for walks there. 
My criminology and criminal justice course has been so interesting that I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. After the first week, university all becomes so much clearer to you; friends start to come along, and in time, you will settle down and enjoy student life.  
In terms of support on my course, my lecturers and seminar leaders have been here to give me advice every step of the way. I have also received library support on essay structures and guidance.
The University has always been here for me, first with my residency status issues, then helping me through clearing and accommodation. These small details have made my whole experience so much easier than expected. 

The ideal course

I have always had an interest in criminology and after doing some research on Plymouth’s course, I found some past experiences from criminology alumni, which convinced me. I would like to work for MI5 in the future, and I am hoping my degree will allow me to do this. I’d recommend coming to an open day if you can, which will give you much insight into your chosen course and the University. 
For me, going through Clearing wasn’t planned until it happened. I was given the chance and received a place, and when I think about it, I know that being here is best for me. I don’t see myself as comfortable anywhere else. Go for it – it could work out for you as well as it did for me! 

Could Clearing be for you?

If you’re worried about your university place, you don’t have to wait until A level results day to apply for Clearing.
Whether you’re yet to apply or have already made an application to the University of Plymouth, we aim to make your next steps as easy as possible.
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