University of Plymouth campus through history, photo from 1800's, 1900's and 2000's.

1862 - School of Navigation

Plymouth School of Navigation was first established under the science and art regime.

1970 - Plymouth Polytechnic

In 1962, the School of Navigation was renamed Plymouth's College of Technology, and was granted polytechnic status in 1970.

1989 - Polytechnic South West

1988 saw the amalgamation of Rolle College of Education (Exmouth) and Exeter college of Art and Design with Plymouth Polytechnic. The Seale-Hayne Agricultural College merging in 1989; this merge created the Polytechnic South West.

1992 - The University of Plymouth

Plymouth's Polytechnic was awarded university status in 1992, prompting a name change to The University of Plymouth.

2000 - Joining of Peninsula Medical School

In 2000 the Peninsula Medical School, managed jointly with the University of Exeter, was designated to the University of Plymouth which was a major boost to its status.

2011 - Plymouth University

2011 saw the University of Plymouth undergo a rebranding change, launching itself as Plymouth University.

2018 - University of Plymouth  

This year saw the University introduce the 'University of Plymouth' branding.